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Join the ranks of the world’s leading cyclists, including the GB Cycling Team and UCI, to take your training to the next level with InfoCrank’s cutting-edge power meter technology.

✅ Virtually error-free dual-leg power data on demand

✅ No data drift

✅ Certified accurate


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Designed to address all your needs

Pace Yourself Correctly when Climbing Hills

“I moved to a hilly area from a flat area and climbing was my kryptonite. The power meter really helped, it allows me to pace better when climing hills and also train with total specificity.”

Get Quality and Accurate Data when Training

“Structured training with a power meter is a game changer. If you`re trying to improve a metric, you better have an accurate was to measure the metric. Otherwise, any perceived gains get lost in uncertainty of the measurement.”

Make Your Training more Time-Efficient and Effective

“In the off-season, parts of spring and fall, I have much less time than most people in my club, to ride. A power meter allows me to take that limited time and spend it in a way where I can imporove more efficiently. Otherwise I spend the summer getting into shape to catch up.”

InfoCrank Features

IC2 11

Genuine data every 4 milli-seconds
notes every part of the pedal stroke.

Temperature steady and weatherproof.

Dependable accuracy.

Accurate regardless of pedal speed.

Measures left and right leg independently.

Measures tangential force from directly within the crank arm.

ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible.

Lightweight, aero design.

Battery life over 500 hours.

Simple mechanics and easy-to-use.

Genuine data every 4 milli-seconds
notes every part of the pedal stroke.

Temperature steady and weatherproof.

Dependable accuracy.

Accurate regardless of pedal speed.

Measures left and right leg independently.

IC2 11

Measures tangential force from directly within the crank arm.

ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible.

Lightweight, aero design.

Battery life over 500 hours.

Simple mechanics and easy-to-use.

No data drift – regular re-zeroing
and calibration is not required.

InfoCrank IC2

A$ 1 416.80 incl. tax

Release date: Late 2023

A host of new design features takes the workhorse of our range and hugely improves on aesthetics, strength, weight, aero and functionality. Not only is this the best power meter out there, it’s now also housed in one of the best crank arms out there.

With its unique design, the IC2 can be adapted for different disciplines.

The crank arm design and strain gauge placement isolates and measures the force propelling you forward, providing accurate and comparable results in all conditions – regardless of the temperature, surface, gradient or any other variables.

This also means there’s no need to regularly recalibrate or re-zero the InfoCrank to assure its accuracy.

Presales Terms & Conditions

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Key Specifications

Battery Lifetime  350 hours

Battery TypeCR2032 Lithium coin cell
Weight, 172.5mm lenght approx. 650 g
Warranty 2 years

Wireless Communications BLE, ANT+

Accuracy<1% error

Waterproof RatingIPX7
Cadence Range0 – 250 rpm
Power Range 0 – 3000 watts

Operating Temperature -10 °C to +50 °C


IC2 13

Stephen Park
Great Britain Cycling Team Performance Director

“Data is a crucial piece in the jigsaw when it comes to the overall performance of our riders, and Verve Cycling are the leaders in this area. We have enjoyed a fruitful relationship since 2015 and look forward to continue to innovate for the next four years, into the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Cycle.”

IC2 14

Neill Delahaye
Cycling Ireland High-Performance Coach

“Power is an integral metric we use in the process to assess and progress our high-performance squad riders. InfoCrank’s accuracy and consistency is second to none and gives us utmost confidence in knowing the numbers we see, on both Track and Road, are comparable, accurate and therefore reliable. Having the capacity to measure left-right balance gives an additional dimension of insight which is very valuable in optimising individual efficiency and performance capacity.”

IC2 15

Richard Wooles
UCI World Class Centre Coach

“For most of the riders training and racing with the under 23 road team, it’s the first time that they learn to train with power. Our first goal is to teach them about what the numbers mean and how they can use the power meter to help them improve. One of the biggest advantages to using an InfoCrank power meter is that it removes the guesswork and helps them see that the work they put in is helping them turn into a better cyclist, with structured training plans and efforts. The next big thing is for them is to learn what type of rider they are and how to look at their strengths and weaknesses and work with them. One of the last points is motivation, it’s great to see the numbers moving the right way and when they don’t we work with them to figure out why.”

IC2 16

Rhys Howell
Team Manager of Canyon ZCC

“I spent a long time researching power meter products before deciding that InfoCrank was the right choice for us. Unlike all other cycling disciplines where the data is secondary; often utilised only after the race, the opposite is true of eRacing where the data is the race. So I had two criteria: I wanted the most accurate product I could find and I wanted the most bullet-proof product that couldn’t suffer from miscalibration. I firmly believe we’ve found that product and are excited to be working closely with Verve Cycling, both with their hardware and software, to help make Canyon ZCC the most accurate team in eRacing.”

IC2 17

Brad Hall
Director of Veris Racing

“Verve Cycling has produced the best power meter in the world in the Infocrank, which is sold to the best institutions and high-performance programmes in the world. Combined with Verve Cycling’s unwavering ethical focus in delivering accuracy we can work with athletes from around the world remotely and know exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it at any given moment. This would simply not be possible with alternate power meter manufacturers.”

IC2 11

Frequently Asked Questions

Which batteries does the InfoCrank IC2 power meter use?

CR2032 Lithium coin cell batteries – one in each crank.

How many hours of battery life should I expect?
You can expect at least 500 hours of operational use before needing to replace batteries.
How do I install the batteries into the IC2?
The battery cap on the front of the cranks pops open when pressure is applied. Batteries (positioned with the flat side down) should be slipped into the slot sideways. To close the cap, apply enough pressure to have the cap return to its original position.
Will the IC2 fit my bike?
The IC2 has a 24mm spindle which fits all standard 24mm road bottom brackets, so probably yes! Please contact us if you’d like to check with one of our experts.
What is the warranty period on my IC2?
The warranty period is two years from purchase, on materials and workmanship.

About us

Verve Cycling manufactures InfoCrank to the high standard required of a precision instrument.

It’s precision engineered and exhausively tested to ensure that it is accurate, reliable and stable. By controlling the entire manufacturing processes, we set a standard of accurany that’s not possible by adding a power meter to an existing crankset.

The strain gauges are bonded into symmetrical pockets in the inner and outer faces fo the crank. Variations between left and right cranks in a pair, of from pair to pair, are minimal, amounting in no case to grater than 1 watt difference as manufactured – eliminated in any case by factory calibration.

Our focus in manufacturing the InfoCrank is on accurate assembly of mechanical and electronic components into a precision load cell capable of rliable and stable performance even in a hostile environment.

Verve Cycling Infocrank Power Meter for Cyclists
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