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Jack Thompson is a professional Australian athlete who in recent years has set the standard for and explored the boundaries of Ultra Cycling. Through his incredible cycling endeavours and through numerous world records and world firsts, Jack has used his platform as a professional sportsperson to raise awareness for, and shine a light on those suffering with their mental health.

Jack became the first cyclist in space in 2022, climbing 1,000,000m of elevation, having everested 52 times on 52 differed climbs and riding in excess of 2,500m of elevation every other day of the week in just one calendar year. Jack raised a whopping $400,000+ as part of his ‘Space Odyssey’ project, all of which was donated towards global mental health charities in order to give back and make a difference to the lives of others.

Verve have agreed to support Jack on an ongoing basis with the InfoCrank so he can track his exploits with the world’s most accurate cycling power meter. Every time Jack gets on his bike, his ambitious efforts will be supported by the most accurate and fuss-free cycling power meter out there, which will give him access to the best data available today.

Jack Ultra Cyclist supported by InfoCrank power meter 2

Verve’s commercial director, Dave Parsons, said: “When we spoke with Jack about supporting him with the InfoCrank it was an instant yes. Jack is one of those rare individuals who is passionate about what he does and uses his passion to improve the lives the others whilst spreading a very worthwhile message. We couldn’t be more pleased to be working with Jack.”

Jack said: “In looking to push the envelope of what’s possible as an endurance athlete, I have a strong desire to work with the best in the business and with brands who share that common goal of exploring limits. So much reliance is placed on numbers, in particular power, that to work with anything less than perfect, really doesn’t make sense. It is with great pride that I can work alongside a company originally established in Perth, Western Australia and with excitement that we look towards pushing the limits into the future.”

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